2013: Year in Review


Infographic breakdown:

Travel. I did a lot of it. Partly for my job and the other for sheer pleasure. I basically flew enough to equate a round trip to the Philippines, and then some. I calculated all of my weekend outings to SF and discovered that it’s about the equivalent of 2 round trip road trips from here to LA. The Vegas numbers are a little off because i had the (mis)fortune of going to Vegas twice. 😉

6 Concerts. My twinsie and bff, Jess, is a big concert nut, and she and I happen to have the same eclectic taste in music. The highlight was attending 2 (yes, 2) Turquoise Jeep concerts, where I was unexpectedly pulled onstage for some acrobatics.. Flynt Flossy was very keen on keeping in touch with me to hang out after the concert.

4 Published Pieces. When the whole Marissa Mayer thing went down, the blogs I wrote for my job got picked up on a couple of the digital news outlets. After Typhoon Haiyan, I was moved by my cousins’ story of survival. I hocked it to a couple Filipino outlets and was lucky to have it published.

2 Runs Done. I’m not an athletic person and would never consider doing a run, but my girlfriends know how to make anything fun. We did the Mud Run and Rave Run together.

2 Weddings + Bachelorette Parties. Two of my closest friends decided to have their bachelorette parties and weddings within mere weekends of each other. I was really tired during this time but blessed that these two ladies wanted me to be part of their special days.

2 Bucket List Items. One of my bucket list items has been to take a photography class. Now, every time I’m helping David to shoot, I feel like every opportunity is a lesson. The other item is spending a night on a sailboat. David found this cool deal where we were able to sail on Monterey Bay and have the sailboat all to ourselves for a night!

1 Paid Singing Gig. My church group had the honor of being asked to sing for the annual jazz festival downtown. None of us expected to be compensated, but it was a lovely gesture and actually made me feel like a professional.

1 Car Acquired. My shitty Maxima finally gave out on me and it couldn’t come at a better time. David was wonderful in helping me to find a car that I was going to love and even handled the negotiations over the phone, while he was in LA and I was here in SJ!

1 Motorcycle Rally. I had a really awesome experience of coming along on a rally with some of the guys from work. It was a really long ride and I was exhausted after, but I can see why motorcyclists are addicted. Let’s just say i was researching a teal bike after..

Dating has been a toss-up and we all know this. But a bit of persistence and a lot of faith have paid off.

Some things I didn’t mention: I went through a difficult break up. I also lost two people really close to me, my good friend Chin and my grandma. Life is strange. But I am grateful and blessed to be here.


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