Revival of the Fittest

Inspired by my admission into Miami VONA 2013, I think it’s high-time I get my blog going again. So every day this week, I thought I’d share parts of the submission that basically got me into the workshop. The first of which I kinda sorta cheated on (sue me); it was my winning entry into Tayo Lit Magazine last year. And since it’s the holiday season, how timely that I should begin with it.

Fiction: “A Christmas Robbery” by Virginette Acacio

My earliest Christmas memory is of a robbery.

One December day, my mother took me with her on her usual errands in the city.   Manila is not a safe place.  Whenever we went out, Mom would slowly bend down to meet me eye-level and lovingly threaten, “Huwag mo bitawan yong kamay ko– Don’t let go of my hand. [click here to read more]”

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